Jennie Castillo

Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Jennie Castillo

Energetic Healer

Energetic healer and body worker in the Atlanta area for the past 20 years. A fine art teacher  and trained musician has incorporated both into her sessions. Creating soundbaths, meditation spaces while simultaneously practicing energetic massage. Reiki master and student of Chinese medicine. Published author advocating for the relationship between creativity and healing. Proud mama bear of two girls.


A potent massage which focuses on the distal points of the hands and feet in which correlate to specific organs and tissues. Designed to treat a host of health issues from physical pain to strengthening the immune system. Reflexology brings balance and clean energy to the whole body and calming the nervous system.


CBD Foot Treatment

Using Thai foot reflexology an ancient practice of alleviating pains and stagnation by applying pressure to energetic points. Also using gentle 100% organic cannabis oil to alleviate severe or chronic foot pain. Our feet carry us through life taking the grunt of our stress both physical and emotional. Client must be 21 and over. Talk to therapist for more details if this session would benefit you.


Energetic healing


Thai Massage & Soundbath meditation

Thai Massage & Soundbath meditation


A powerful form of energetic healing bringing balance to the chakra system. Using healing frequencies, sounds and gentle touch to help harmonize the body, mind and emotions. When energy becomes stagnant in the channels of our bodies it creates deficiency influencing our pain body. Reiki sessions help people release the energetic patterns that no longer serve them. Recommend 90 minute for first session.

60 Min- $65 

90 Min-$90

Thai Massage & Soundbath meditation

Thai Massage & Soundbath meditation

Thai Massage & Soundbath meditation


A unique massage style in which uses assisted yoga posture and acupressure to stretch the body and relieve muscular tension while increasing the flow of energy. Followed by breathwork to quiet the active mind and relax the nervous system. A technique to take home and continue to benefit from the session. A back drop of healing sounds curated specifically for each individual.



Energetic Painting

Thai Massage & Soundbath meditation

Energetic Painting


Using creative self expression to find emotional peace, focus the mind and ground the body. Using breath work, meditation you will tap into your stream of consciousness while using water color painting techniques. No art experience necessary. Recommend to have had a Reiki session previously for your therapist to better curate your session. Discuss with the therapist and must book 72hours ahead to prepare for your session.