Danielle Coppernoll

Meet Danielle

A certified professional hypnotist, a certified holistic nutritionist, and a graphologist. She loves her family and loves to learn, so when her mom got sick she got online and started researching ingredients and products and was shocked at what she found and knew she had to make some changes in her own life. While researching, she came across holistic nutrition and knew that she wanted to learn all about it so she signed up for a class right away and became certified. Then while she was studying nutrition, she found hypnosis and completely fell in love with everything about it and what it can do for so many people, so she became certified. And while continuing her education, she found graphology, which is absolutely fascinating and surprising how accurate it is. She’s looking forward to using her skills to help you.



Change you mind, Change your world

Helps  clients with a wide range of conditions including phobias, depression, anxiety, addictions, insomnia, weight control, memory improvement, and so much more. Most people describe hypnosis as a state of physical and mental relaxation. It is a state that allows you to completely relax your conscious mind while I talk directly with your subconscious. You may be aware of everything that is said, or you might only remember bits and pieces or nothing at all. Whatever you experience will be perfect for you. Most people feel amazing after a hypnosis session.  15-20 minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to about 5-6 hours of deep, restorative sleep which is the healthiest and best quality sleep that your mind and body can possibly achieve; brain cells are being repaired, toxins are flushed out, muscles are relaxed, it promotes sleep, and can leave you feeling calm, confident, aware, refreshed, and clear headed.