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tired, sore feet?



This circulation Booster uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in your feet. This causes the foot and calf muscles to contract and relax, pumping fresh, oxygen-rich blood into the legs and feet. Using REVITVE daily for at least 20-30 minutes can improve the blood flow in your legs and feet, and reduce your aches and pains.

Electric Foot massage

Shiatsu Machine

Say goodbye to achy feet and hello to relaxation. The Shiatsu Massager works to soothe tired feet after a long day. It features Shiatsu rollers to knead away aches and pain in your feet. Air bags inflate and deflate for a restoring compression massage. Choose from three massage modes and three intensity levels. Features also include an optional heat setting for added relief and an automatic shutoff timer. Fits up to men size 12 and women size 14.


ionic foot soak


What does it do?

The process is quick and simple. You soak both feet in a  tub filled with warm salt water. An electronic array sends a direct current into the water. The combination of the water, salt, and array are meant to generate negative ions by separating oxygen and hydrogen from the water, neutralizing charged particles in the body and drawing particulates with the opposite charges out of the body.