Moving Medicine: March workshop


The Essentials of Continuum Moving Practice

What is Continuum? 

All of Continuum teachings are designed to quicken and enhance the fluid system, invoking the awareness of our innate bio-intelligence to initiate vitality, healing, and renewal. Utilizing breath, sound, and movement, Continuum invites us to engage in an open inquiry of what it means to be a human within a complex matrix of interconnected life influenced and sustained by the essence, embrace, and movement of water.  Learn more about continuum

Engagement in our fluid system is a restorative, relaxing, renewing way to enhance self-awareness and regeneration of body, mind, and spirit. 

What to expect? 

My hope is that the workshop series will guide all participants to the threshold of personal exploration to enhance health, healing, creativity, emotional well-being and an openness to life and whatever arises. 

Through the weekly exercises using breath and sound, we will explore opportunities to move our fluid system and cultivate our capacity to sense and feel waves of pulsating energy moving us in the alchemy of spirals and undulations. Each 1.5 hour session will entail an introduction to concepts, a design of breath and sounds, referred to as a ‘dive’, a demonstration and opportunity to participate in the experience. 

Bring an open heart and mind, blanket, towel, and water. This is a low-impact, kind, gentle movement practice suitable for all ability levels. If getting on the floor is an issue, you can work from a chair. No experience is necessary. This work accomodates a diverse level of individual needs. 

Workshop Dates, 4 Consecutive Wednesday Nights

March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th                                                                                                                                                                4-part series for $75 USD or $20 USD per session 

Each session will build upon the previous sessions, however, you have the option to join individual sessions on any given Wednesday. 

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Penny Honeycutt workshop Leader


About Penny

Penny Honeycutt, E.D., earned her doctorate degree in Human Development Counseling from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. She also has a master’s degree in special education with a concentration in working with children and youth who exhibit emotional behavioral challenges. Penny has completed extensive training in trauma-informed care and has worked in collaboration with numerous professional development organizations to bring resources to mental health providers and schools to create safe and therapeutic environments for youth and adults. She has been a student of Continuum Movement for the past 15 years, participated in the Wellsprings Practitioner Training in 2008 and completed the Continuum Teacher Training Program in 2018. Penny looks forward to bringing Continuum Movement to schools and organizations interested in becoming more trauma sensitive and responsive to the needs of children and youth.

Over the past four decades, she has been actively engaged in the development, implementation and supervision of dynamic experiential therapy programs that include: brain-based services, neurofeedback, sensory integration, mindfulness, equine therapy, animal assisted therapy, outdoor recreational therapy, service learning, West African Drum and Dance and other arts integration initiatives. She has spent most of her career serving as the Director of Education and principal of a K-12 school for students in residential treatment centers, including helping to establish a nationally-recognized AmeriCorps national service program.

Penny looks forward to expanding opportunities to bring Continuum Movement to children, youth and the adults who care for them. Her own experience with Continuum has enhanced her somatic awareness and helped her to become a more grounded advocate in support of creating safe and nurturing environments for youth in residential treatment and schools. Her engagement has helped her navigate with a more open fluid system that keenly recognizes the contribution adults can make on youth behavior and the creation of safe healing environments. She feels that Continuum has emerged at this time in our evolution as human beings to be a catalyst in the paradigm shifts from habituated behavior toward more heart aligned open systems that nourish our capacities to honor each other as human beings and our sacred relations to all life forms.


Creating a Life of Intention: March Workshop

Additional Information

The retreat will be focused on Creating a Life of Intention. We will gather Saturday morning for an intentional start to the weekend and close our circle Sunday mid-afternoon. We will focus on the following topics, utilizing various techniques to gain an understanding of what we each need personally in order to lead a more authentic life:  Creating personal routines, practices, rituals Empowering self through practice Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices Accessing the universal energy source through the elements around us Experience and participate in a ritual with each element Mindfulness in everyday life Compassionate practices for ourselves, each other, and the world at large .

Learn More

We will use a variety of exercises and practices to recognize the practices we most resonate with. These include:

Movement (yoga, bioenergetic exercises, emotional freedom technique, dance) Meditations (metta, chakras, and more) Journaling Assessment of self Ritual with everyday tasks Mindfulness Chanting, toning, song

Christie Jordan Retreat Leader

About Christie

Christi has been practicing as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, doula, childbirth educator, and holistic nutrition advisor for over 21 years. She has also studied intensively with multiple teachers in meditative and ceremonial practices and works with individuals to clear their body, mind, and spirit, in order to live a more authentic life. In addition to the holistic practices, Christi has training in Critical Incident Stress Management, and is fascinated by how the brain and body work together to create our current state of being. Her day job is as a nurse educator at the University of West Georgia, as well as an emergency nurse at Tanner Health System.