About Us


TerraMar Wellness Center

Started  as  a  dream  to  bring  natural alternatives for  healing  mind,  body  and  spirit  to  the  West  Georgia  area and has evolved into an oasis for  healing. We help to ease physical and emotional pains as well as help you to manage the stress of everyday life.  



Rose Aramian has been leading mindful movement practices since 2012 and has been practicing Yoga since 2008. Rose graduated from the 200 hours Yoga Psychology Teacher Training with Evolutionary Education in 2017 and currently co-leads the YPTT with Nick Atlas - graduating over 30 teachers. Rose leads each practice from the heart, offering safe movement practices paired with an opening for self inquiry to allow the practitioner to discover their authentic practice. Her loving presence allows the space for acceptance, growth, and healing. When outside the studio, Rose enjoys immersing herself in nature, loving on her animals and loved ones, and discovering creative ways to eat from the earth. 



July is an educator, yoga instructor and plant-based holistic health coach.  July received her health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is passionate about helping others achieve their best health through Whole Foods Plant Based living. 

What is plant based living? 

Plant Based living is eating whole, unprocessed foods including nuts, seeds, grains and yes even potatoes!  The benefits of living this lifestyle can include reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes and so much more.  Remember the old saying, You are what you eat? Let me help you make better choices for healthier lives.

July offers a free one on one consultation via telephone or in person to help explain how living the plant based lifestyle can help improve one’s health one meal at a time. 404-309-9550 or email yogagirl15@live.com