Bamboo Massage

August 13th & 14th

Save Your Thumbs

Take your massage to the next level and join us to see and feel how Bamboo can extend your career. This class is 95% hands on. Clients are loving it! Approved by NCTMB and Georgia for 12 CE’s.

The Deeper Side of Therapeutic Bamboo focuses on achieving deep tissue massage without stress to the therapist’s hands and wrists while eliminating the pain of deep work for the client. The warm, heated sticks are used as tools to loosen the client’s muscles and to enable the therapist to work deeply into those muscles. Because of the heat and the broad point of contact, the client experiences the relief of deep tissue massage without the pain. 

Wednesday,  August 13th 9:00am  -  6:00pm

Thursday, August 14th 9:00am  -  1:00pm

INSTRUCTOR:  Debbie Schmitz


TUITION:   $299  ($50 non- refundable  deposit)

Call Debbie Schmitz 336-989-1797 for  further details and  to schedule